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Det næste øjeblik af mit liv


23. Jan 2008 23:05, Stina

Today I went to my first visit at the midwife, it was a big disapointment. She was more a wall of information, then someone who was, or seemed to be, interested in me. The whole session was more about what I should and should not do, and nothing much of what she sayed was new to me. The examination was 2 pushes on my belly, and a comment that my uterus had the rigth size.

Then she ordered 2 glucose tests becourse of my weigh and gave some folders. That was it. Next time is in week 24, so sometime in april.

Im "only" in week 16. I just realised that its actually 4 months pregnant, so time is passing faster then expected.

Im glad that i dont feel so unsecure about the whole pregnansy thing. Im pretty much at ease with it and like to take things as they come. I have a feeling that everything is fine and good. I feel great, im bit more tired then usual, but nothing bad.

Workwise I keep haveing my doubts. This weekend was the weekend from hell at work. Im suppose to leave after 6 hours, but the 3 days I been in after that deal it have not been possible. Everyone is running around, and nothing we can do is sufficient. this weekend have suffered from lag of staff compared to needs of our patients. I know everyone say I should be selfish and do as I need, but it's REALLY hard to just leave 3 coworkers in caos. 

I decided that i must be my job at work to spread positive feeling, and tell my coworkers how great they are. Mentally my work dont stress me, when I only work 18 hours, so i can try to spread some of my good mood and feeling. They really do need it sometimes.

My pelvis have been a bit worse today, but I think its becourse of the work this weekend. I do think it will be better soon. As it is now i just work one day a time and see how it goes.

Tomorrow I start on a gym team planned by the physiotherapists at work. Its designed for pregnant women. Im looking forward to see how that goes. I hope that the water gym team to start up soon, it would be a great thing for me to join.

I now lost 8.5 kilos and im loosing my pants. I can feel my belly getting more firm, underneath a bit of blubber. The baby is growing in there. I think I felt bubbles, im still in doubt, but it might be the first movements. Im in week 16 now so its very early, but sometimes i am allmost sure. It dont all feel like gas.

Its time to head for bed, I got a new pillow to cuddle. It feels unpleasent and painfull to sleep without something between my knees, so I look forward to useing this one. My poor sofa pillow could not stand the pressure and turned too flat.

Its so nice to have Matthew around. Hes been very good about haveing to carry everything, and is a good and careing support.


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