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16. Jan 2008 14:37, Stina

Today I been browsing on Netbaby's homepage. And for fun i desided to start makeing a list of names i like. I started with the legally approved danish names. I started at A and then reading trough. When i made it to L this thing poped op and surprised me alot.

In Denmark there is actually 29 women called Lillemor as a name. I just wonder who call their child that ? Or how the official Denmark react. I can only just imagen how a bank worker would react when you call in and want to open a account and he aske for the name.

There are alot of odd names on that list, and i still oly made it to M. Looking at it till makes me think there is some serius cruel parents out the this country.


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    7. Apr 2013 01:29

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