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13. Jan 2008 14:13, Stina

This is the new way of my very old blog.

My life have changed direction a bit. I still have the same job, the same apartment and the same  boyfriend. The change in direction is something that is beginning inside me.

I saw it first time a weeks time ago, it have two arms, two legs, and a very clear mind to not want to cooperate with outsiders.

Im pregnant, we are haveing a baby, and its great. Untill last friday i still had my doubts that it was actually real. Noone had examined me and in some odd way it could still be something just in my head. Then we went to the scann and saw the little thing squirming around like a shrimp.

Im in week 14, tomorrow its week 15. I lost a bit more then 7 kilos from when i got pregnant till now. I feel pretty well in most ways, tho my pelvis is starting to complain when i work to much. Tomorrow i will take a full shift at work and see how it goes, if it gets to much i might have to talk to my boss about getting a change of hours dureing my pregnancy.

I hope very much i can stay alot longer at work, cus theres a LONG time till July 7th where im due.

I will end this post with the two tiny pictures that was taken of the little liveing thing inside me, for those of you who can see what it is. 

scanning week 13

scanning week 13


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