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15. Jan 2008 16:20, Stina

Yesterday I went to work in the normal way. And even tho I had a pretty easy day, i could feel that a 8 hour workday isnt good for the pain i have in my pelvis.

After talking about this with my GP last week i decided i would go down in hours at work. For now I will be working just 6 hours a time for 3 days a week. And that only in dayshifts. I prefor it this way with a hope that I can then keep on working untill may where im suppose to go on maternity leave.

Being pregnant seems to me as a fulltime job tho. Specially after the problems with pains in my pelvis started. I have to exercise once a day. I signed on to a pregnancy gym team, and in near future also a water gym team. On top of that i see a physiotherapist about once a week. Luckily its all free as long as i still work. Rigshospitalet offer to help their pregnant staff to stay at work as long as possible.

On top of all the things i go to I have to go to a Dietician and extra doctors apointments due to my weight. I dont think the dietician can help me much as it is, as a seem to be doing pretty well as it is. My start weight when I got pregnant was 105, and im now down to 97.2. I do wonder how long this will go on, and expect that at some point it will start to go the other way. Hopefully not to much tho.

The reason for my weightloss have not been hard work or evil diets. Its been very simple lack of lust to eat sweets and cakes. I dont feel like eating as much as i used to either. My portions have almost halfed, tho I need to eat a bit more offen.

I think it might be on time to go get some more vitamins, as i dont drink milk. I need to ask my GP for how long i should take folic acid as well, cus i heard its only needed for 3 first months. And in next week im entering the 4th.

Its a bit odd that so much time has passed. Getting a baby feels like something i will do in a far awey future, and not something that will happen soon. Well 5 months isnt that soon, and im not planning on shopping for at least 2 months more, i think.

What I think we need to start doing soon is to start to clear out some of all that clutter that have been gathering around in the house. Need to get rid of stuff that we never use. We live on about 50 square meters, so spacemakeing is needed. Its a annoying task, so I want to spread it over a loooong time before I get to tired and heavy to do it proberly.

For now i will just enjoy the rest of today, and go get some food. When i get hungry these days, it feels VERY urgent.


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